5 thoughts on “Shahi Kulfa Recipe

  1. Thank you for this Shahi Kulfa recipe that I never heard of before. In general I do not each much of desserts, but looking at the ingredients, such as pistachio nuts and almonds, I will have to try this some time. I takes a long time in the fridge though, but I am sure it will be worth the wait.

  2. I’m a foodie and thanks for sharing this recipe. Where does it originate from? I’d like to try it out sometime because the combination of ingredients promises to have a lovely milky flavour. Any other variations that can be tried with it? I’m sure the kids will also enjoy it so I’d love to make it a regular go to dessert for them. 

    1. Kulfa is a frozen dairy dessert or said to be ice cream .Originate from Pakistan and India. Its Traditional ice cream of Indo Pak. You can try it . I am sure you will love it.

  3. This recipe is exotic sounding, I’ve not heard of Kewra water before, where would I even get that? Do regular grocery stores carry them such as superstore and such?

    It looks fun to try something new like this.

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